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Abstract and minimalist paintings

abstract multi-coloured decorative original painting
Fun fun fun

Colours 2

At sea - memories

pointillism revisited 2 abstract blue dot painting
Pointillism revisited 2
aboriginal art inspired imaginary cosmos abstract contemporary painting
magenta energized coloured decorative abstract painting
Magenta energized

enmeshed abstract patterns original contemporary art painting
Enmeshed Sold
yellow geometric abstract artwork painting with multi-coloured lines
Yellow spectrum shift
multi shift acrylic geometric pattern original contemporary painting

razzle dazzle geometric linear contemporary abstract painting
Razzle dazzle
oriental carpet inspired contemporary painting original artwork
Oriental rug
colourful abstract patterns original contemporary artist painting
Grid overlaid

abstract dot painting homage to aboriginal artist
Homage to Dorothy N
dots forever contemporary geometric painting black white grey
Dots forever Artist's collection
mandala meditation Tibetan sand painting inspired abstract artwork
Mandala meditation

oriental rug inspired contemporary original contemporary green painting
Oriental rug - green
Artist's collection
waves pattern yellow orange artwork abstract painting
Waves Sold New York
mosaic abstract patterns contemporary original painting

ocean deep abstract seascape painting
773  Ocean deep Sold New York
microchip acrylic mixed media abstract contemporary painting
outsquared geometric design abstract painting original artwork

hotrods non-representational abstract original painting for sale
Artist's collection
spirals geometric spiral dot painting original contemporary artwork
abstract original patterns painting multi-coloured

desert spectrum shift colour study in green
Desert spectrum shift 2 Artist's collection
original abstract painting multi-coloured patterns
desert spectrum shift colour abstract contemporary painting
Desert spectrum shift 1 Artist's collection

multi-coloured spirals abstract painting
Spirals Artist's collection
citrus rococo Australian original abstract painting
Citrus rococo
green abstract painting

red blue abstract pattern contemporary painting decorative colourful
Blue versus red
wanderlust Australian Aboriginal art inspired painting
networks absract expressionist painting

happy doodle with multi-coloured patterns abstract
Happy doodle
tree illusion image semi-abstract contemporary painting
dark coloured patterns arranged in a pleasing composition abstract
The dark side

Fresh Takes on Abstraction: Explore, Experiment, and Elevate

My abstract works are anything but ordinary.  Dive into a kaleidoscope of styles, from minimalist precision and captivating geometric designs to playful and free-form explorations.  Each creation brims with colour, optimism, and a sense of discovery.

Australian Inspired, Accessible to Al
The palette reflects the vibrancy of the Australian spirit, with a focus on authenticity and affordability.  Whether you're drawn to bold statements or calming compositions, there's a piece to perfectly complement your space, all offered at reasonable prices.

Sculptures and bas-reliefs

contemporary sculpture geometric timber pyramid recysled timbers artwork
Magic pyramid Artist's collection
truely woody original abstract wall sculpture bas-relief recycled timbers
Truly woody
geometric timber cube variation sculpture recycled timber
Cube variations 2
Artist's collection

Featured desert inspired abstract paintings

warm colours spectrum shift desert inspired  cool colours desert ispired spectrum green abstraction

Desert Spectrum Shift - diptych
2 @ 122x91cm, acrylic on stretched canvas, ready to hang
NFS, Artist's collection

Artist's statement

TDesert Spectrum Shift: A Symphony of Colour
This diptych is my artistic interpretation of the breathtaking colourscapes found in the Australian outback. Inspired by the stunning emission and absorption spectra used in science, I've chosen a similar format to capture the essence of the desert.

Capturing the Essence, Not the Details
A traditional landscape would struggle to encompass the desert's vastness the rocks, sand, plants, and creatures both living and past.  Instead, I've focused on the key visual elements, condensing and assembling characteristic colours to evoke the feeling of the place.

A Dance of Opposites
The diptych features two complementary colour spectrums, one warm and one cool, each composed of contrasting yet harmonious colours.  This creates a symbiotic relationship, showcasing the beauty of coexisting opposites.

Inspiration Beyond the Natural World
As a contemporary artist, my inspiration extends beyond untouched nature.  I find fascination in the imagery scientists use, from galaxies and celestial objects to refraction patterns, fractals, and microscopic views.

Art for a Better World
I believe in the power of collaboration across creative disciplines humanities, arts, and both pure and applied sciences.  This cross-pollination can ultimately lead to a better world: a sustainable environment, global peace, and individual spiritual growth.

Ernie Gerzabek. All Rights Reserved

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