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wetlands landscape painting

"Hi Ernie, I just wanted to let you know how very happy I am with my 3 paintings that I purchased yesterday.  They all look fabulous, and each member of the family has a different favourite!!!!
Let me know when you have some new (smaller) work in your collection.
Kind regards (and thanks) -- Genevieve M, Sydney

"Dear Ernie,
I'm delighted by your generosity – thank you so much – and stunned by the images you also sent.  I think I like “011 Since Time Began…” the best – but it's so hard to choose!  May we have a copy of it please?
I found your paintings by looking through contemporary Australian artists on the web.  I'm a kiwi so am unfamiliar with Australian art so I was trawling through glorious website.  I thought that your paintings showed a love of the land and I find that I discover the Divine presence all around me particularly in the places I live .  I find that artists capture and evoke something of the richness of land which instructs a foreigner like me living here to also contemplate the reality and beauty in this Australian place.  Your Australian land is different from ours, and the way you portray it in your art is a revelation to me – which I find nourishing.  Personally I believe that I'm continuing to discover the mystery of God in this place. I'm not sure if this makes sense to you but I'm very grateful to you!  The prayerbook we are preparing for our Sisters has painting and photos in it along with prayers.  The images encourage us to gaze and contemplate and encounter.
I can't wait to hear what the Sisters have to say when they see your work in the book!  Thanks for your part in helping us continue Mary's legacy!
We will certainly acknowledge you as the artist in the book.  Please let me know if you'd like a website or other info included in the credits. - A. Sydney

My name is Isabell M. and I am a GCSE art student in Greenhill School, Tenby (WALES). For my art examinations in June I have to work in the style of my favourite artist and I have chosen you, I hope that is okay. I really admire your work in particular 'Beach Essentials' as I love the way that your paintings are minimalist and also the way that you apply fantasy to this piece of art work. I was wondering if you could give me any tip's or suggestions that may be of any use, along the way to try and create wonderful paintings as you do.
Thank you for your time, Isabell Great Britain (Wales).

"TNT delivered the painting today - and I LOVE it! Thank you again for darkening the green, it looks fantastic - I'm really thrilled with the finished product!?" --  S., Queensland

"Hi Ernie,
I am a fan of your artwork - I already have 2 paintings and my mother has over 10 in her collection. I am looking to add another to my own collection, and was wondering if you have any large paintings that have a lot of lime green in them?The paintings I have at the moment are lime green/yellow/orange in colour, and the other is blue/lime green in colour. I am wanting to add another near our dining table that has some lime green accents in it (with blue and/or yellow in it too - I don't really want to add another colours to the scheme). So anything that has colours ranging from yellow to orange to lime green to blue would be fantastic.My mother bought one similar to the one in your sold page entitled 'Spring fever' for her house. I am also a fan of another sold painting '080 Green Electra.' These 2 paintings are roughly what I'm looking for - do you have anything like this available?" --  S., Queensland

I have been trying to look for more information on this specific painting and what it symbolizes, I even went to your own website, but I haven't found enough information in order to use it as part of my research paper. I know you are probably very busy, but I would love to incorporate your piece into my paper.  Otherwise I may just have to use Picasso's "Guernica" instead, I love Picasso, but he is a bit over-used and I very much like your paintings.
Thank you for your time. -- Chelsea, Canada

This is the reply I sent Chelsea:

Dear Chelsea,

thank you for your inquiry and having chosen my painting for your attention and possible inclusion in your paper.

You have already read my artist's statements on both webs you mentioned, so this should be a good start for you. Any further explanation or background stuff from me on this artwork would only increase the "passive" input into your thinking half of your brain.

You would be better off exploring your "active" processes, ie your own subjective intuitive reactions, your the particular feelings rising in your being, if any. I believe all artistic creations should be approached by simply as something you like or not like, just as you would react to a musical piece. Do you enjoy it or not? Often too many words, even the artist's own "explanation" gets in the way of relating to the artwork on a personal level.

So it would be much better for you to look at your reaction to the piece, ie is it evocative of something, does it raise your spirit, does it convey any sort of feeling and such like.

Words usually get in the way when you are assessing an artistic creation (either visual or musical) which has been created exactly because the artist wanted to express something which could not be expressed with words.

The most important question is: do you get enthralled by a Mozart sonata or the words written about it, and do you get moved by Picasso's Guernica or the piles of books written about it?

In my humble opinion, you should look at all artworks "close and personal", accept your gut reaction and do not worry about other people's opinions and judgements but only your own.

I hope my reply helps you to progress your paper. Also I would like to know a bit more about you and would really appreciate if you sent me a copy of your finished paper.

All the best,  -- Ernie Gerzabek

"Thanks, Ernie, for your kind words on my blog.  I was stunned by your mandalas - quite a new direction!  I particularly like no 732.  They have a fresh new look, not derivative at all, which is no small achievement.
Keep up the good work.  --  Astrid Fitzgerald, New York

"Ernie, your mandala paintings are absolutely fabulous. And it seems you've discovered a new way of expressing yourself, that fits your character.  At first sight, they mainly impressed me with their incredible complexity and their artisan perfection. How in the world can you possibly design these complex patterns and how can you execute them so neatly.

I can follow your thoughts about a work of art having duality, as you say,  "they are simple yet complex, universal yet specific, man-made geometric,  yet organic, self-contained yet reaching out, traditional yet contemporary, kind of ying and yang."  Congratulations, Ernie, I love this work, and I hope people will be able to take the time to internalize these images, wonderful. --  Karl Maenz, Geneva, Switzerland

cut above abstract recycled wood bas-relief wall sculpture

 "Dear Ernie Gerzabek,  My name is Camilla Warburton and i am a student from England, my current art project is on the title "landscapes" and i have been looking at your work. Two of my favourite pieces of your work include "724 My desert garden" and "616 Scorched (Red Desert)".  Although they are not a perfect representation of a desert, you clearly manage to create the landscape though the use of colours and shapes. I would like to know, what artists influenced you to produce these desert pieces? and when your creating a work of art, do you consider the colours, shapes, surface and scale before you start to produce your art, or do you use what materials you feel appropriate at that specific time?  i look forward to your reply -- Camilla Warburton, England

My reply is this:

Many of my desert paintings have been influenced by Australian indigenous aboriginal artists. They manage to capture the essence of these environments, using simple visual elements to make reference to not only what can be seen there, but also the spirit of the local countryside.

I often have a similar approach when inspired by the landscape, whether ocean, rainforest or the bush. Please refer to my many articles and mini-essays on my web which give some insight to my art practice.

Pre-planning my paintings is minimal, usually it just flows from some subconscious space, often just intuitively and 'uncensored' by my own critical judgement, certainly during the creative flow. I may only pass judgement at the end of the process and I either modify the result, or start again.

Anyhow, it was nice to receive your inquiry and thank you for the compliments re my artworks.  Ernie G

"I think of you often as we enjoy your paintings. They are beautiful and we are so happy to have them. -- Tammara Holmes USA

"Hi Ernie, We just wanted to thank you for your hospitality when checking out your artworks in your studio. Your advice in selecting paintings was most educational and also extremely useful.  As it turned out all of your three large paintings transformed our living areas and the two smaller ones brightened up the children's playroom.  We already started to put aside money for our next purchase from you, but we cannot rush these things just because we are enthusiastic. Looking forward to visiting you again. -- Evelyn and Lachlan B. Potts Point

"Your paintings arrived unmarked and it was a revelation how much better they look 'in the flesh' as compared to the images on your website.  We are most happy with the 3 paintings we purchased, also would like to compliment you on your professional approach and organising the speedy delivery. Do not be surprised if we come back for more next year.  Thanks for everything. -- Brittney and Kevin Power, California

"Hi, How are you Ernie?  I am a big fan of your work, I think they are just magical.  I love the colours, patterns, and composition.  I love it all!  I was just wondering how come you don't have dates for any of your images?   Thanks for taking the time to reply and i am looking forward to hearing your answer. -- Sara

My reply was: 'I do not date my paintings, even though I sometimes wished I did.  I probably do not want my artwork to be pigeonholed into date boxes and be frozen in time.  I am hoping my creations are timeless.  I just don't know how a date would make a difference to the independent life of my artwork - other than aiding  a post-mortem exercise or helping historians in digging up a grave.  My work meant to be alive, not dead!  Right?' -- EG

Távol a Hazától...
Lelkem vidám színekben tombol.
Magam előtt látom rétet s mezőt,
Magas hegyeket, a dúsan zöldellő erdőt
Gyermekkorom kedvenc játékát
A gyermekláncfű szerteszálló magvát.
Még érzem a Tisza oly fönséges illatát
A Duna lágy simogatását.
Távolban látom a Puszta hogyan párolog
Az oly sokat emlegetett Délibábot.
...s mert el kellett hagyjam Hazámat
Nem feledem Magyarságomat!
Eme színekben fejezem ki hovatartozásomat!
( a poem in Hungarian) -- Johannes, Hungarian poet of distinction

"Hi, I am a 40 yrs old emerging artist from India.  I came across your site while searching for 'painting ideas' at Google Image search.  Wow! what an experienced painter you are.  I love the bright colours in your paintings.  They give life to life.  I also read your tips for emerging painters.  They are very useful to me.  Thanks. -- Kamal Bhandari, India

"I have just browsed through your gallery website  It is wonderful to see one's passion for life through art expression.  I think we have very similar attitude and philosophical view points.
"I have very little experience in painting and still trying out different styles and media.  It is more often a child's play than anything serious.  I live in  Sydney, Cremorne.  I would like to do an art course or follow a teacher.  Do you have any good suggestions?  I think I would like to try "Abstract" style of expression just like the way you have done.  Do you take any student?  Thanks. -- Emily F. Cremorne

"I am a year 12 student from Melbourne, and I am currently doing studio arts and was researching artists when I came across your work. I was instantly captivated by it and I am truly inspired by it.  I particularly love your use of colour and the way use can capture a scene or a moment by simply combining certain colours.
I would greatly appreciate it if you would be able to answer a few questions about yourself and your works so that I can better understand the process of creating art.  Firstly, what are some of the ideas and meanings expressed in your artworks?  What were some of the early influences in your life and what were some of the later ones?  And also, did you use technology at all when creating your artworks? How would you describe the style of your artwork? Lastly, what are some of the working methods or techniques which you use?
Thank you very much for your time and I look forwards to your response.  -- Jacqui, Melbourne, Australia

under blue ocean inspired painter"Hi Ernie - I found your site whilst trawling the images search engine on Google for abstract acrylic art in Australia  - I just couldn't believe so many fabulous pieces all in one place all by the one person.  You give me great inspiration.  I am very new to painting - well I enjoyed it at school but life got in the way after that.  Now I've hit my 40s and suddenly this year I have become addicted - have run out of room to put my paintings but I want to do larger and larger ones - and I can't sell them as I am far too attached (not that anyone wants to buy them anyway).
Since seeing your art - well it gave me heart that the kind of things I paint are worthwhile and then I went to the local library and borrowed out books on Kandinsky and Klee and felt even better, not that I paint anywhere anything like them.
I will spend some time tomorrow looking at your paintings again - I want to take time to drink them all in they are so brilliant.  The colours particularly speak to me - I am a colours person - and I like your attitude and outlook on life as expressed in your web site. -- Adrienne, Queensland

"I find your work wonderful, your usage of colours is very eye catching which I find I am very drawn too. Your web site is also fantastic!" -- Christina Bleasdale, Sydney

low rise geometric wall sculpture bas-relief artwork

" I am currently renovating a house in Hong Kong. As the house will be white on white,  I have been looking for an artist who can bring life and colour into the house and I believe I have finally found what I have been looking for, YOU.  I am  keen on the larger paintings but am always open to suggestions.  Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you." -- Merrian Howe Hong Kong

"You really do capture the Australian landscape and I can see how the paintings must come completely to life (as the colours seem to be so vibrant) when viewed 'up close and personal'.  I love the geometry in your works in Gallery 1.  I presume it is influenced by your architectural background.  Looking forward to seeing more. -- Jenny Steiner, Kew, Victoria

"I was just surfing the net for some inspiring art and I came across your site, and I love your work. Its exactly what I was looking for.
I'm a 21 year old artist living on the central coast in NSW, I run my own graphic design business, but I studied fine art drawing at uni. I was wondering if it wasn’t to much trouble if you could spend a couple of minutes and give me some advice on how to become a productive artist to the outside world with fine art? What were the steps you took to get you where you are? Do you have any advice for a young artist not quite sure how to create a public art life? -- Chris Dewar

"Ernie, your new work is beautiful." ---  Bruce Langner, Sydney

red desert hills in the summer sun landscape

"I found your magnificent gift a creative inspiration. Art can be a mystical viewpoint that enables us contact with the higher self. Your work has a beauty and mystery to it that gives one spiritual comfort. Each piece breathes new life and pierces the soul. 
You have a distinct flavour and a transformative message. Your self cultivation in your paintings is a testament to your evolution of spirit. Your creative vision is a healing song and all are blessed who share in it.  Bravo my friend. Bravo!  -- Michael Teal, artist, USA

"Your name and website were passed along to me by a friend and client of mine.   They thought I would be interested in looking at your art.  Well, I am very happy to see it.   I will have to ask my friends how they stumbled upon you.  I love your colour and rhythm in your art.   Very appealing.  Your titles are fun. No wonder my friends wanted me to see your art as there seem to be some  similarities between our art.  For me, it is sort of like finding an in-sync art-pal.  What a treat. 
I mostly feel quite alone, but totally in the right place doing my art...which I have only really been creating for two years.  New things come out each time I wield a paint brush or fling paint (much to my husband's chagrin), lots and lots more to discover.  So glad I finally started.   Best regards, Cindy Frostad, Vancouver

"All I can say is these paintings for Jeans for Genes are BRILLIANT!  You've done it again ..... hope they raise thousands of dollars ...... -- Erika Bockos, Sydney, Australia

"Dear Ernie, I like your latest paintings which are again full of color and positive vibes, and thanks for your caring way by contributing in the Jeans for Genes fundraising auction.  It's good to see a wonderful artist who also cares for others.  Your friend, Karl, Switzerland

"The paintings we bought look wonderful and they bring me so much joy!!!  -- Jeannie, Sydney

"I  recently received Artists Palette No.29 and was so taken with the photos of your paintings that I visited your website.  Thank you for sharing your art with us, I have enjoyed your site so very much, I love your use of colour, you have inspired me to keep on trying. Ernie, I found your work to be most original.  -- Isabel, Melbourne, Australia

"Ernie, your beautiful work gives us tranquillity and peace and also captures a vibrancy that is so in tune with nature and her ever-changing moods.  You are capable of lifting a person's spirit and making one realise what a beautiful place we all share.  -- Lesley Byrne, Dublin, Ireland

I have visited your website, and was so interested to see your work - the colours and vibrancy of the paintings are just gorgeous, even though I don't think digital images can really do them justice.  -- Sarah Cranshaw, Sydney

"Congratulations Ernie - you have the most beautiful art site I have seen.  I have spent hours looking and will probably continue to do so.  Your sense of colour and rhythm is simply beautiful, and your texts are appropriate.  And my wife and I love what appears to be your philosophy, positive and inspiring. 
I paint from time to time as a hobby, especially since I retired and have more time (see my site), and I just joined Abstract Painting WebRing and Art web community.  Our thoughts about life and what we paint are probably similar, but man you've got the talent and the experience and have made it work successfully, and you seem to have fun doing it.  Well, you've just inspired me, good-bye, need to paint... --- Karl Maenz, Switzerland

"I just received your remarkable painting. You were right. The web site does not do justice to your work. I cannot stop staring at it and remembering a few places I have visited in Canada, Austria, Germany and Northern Italy during the last 15 years. I am very pleased with the latest addition to my collection. I hope you are inspired and motivated to continue your efforts. --- Charles Sterbach, Arizona

desert colour spectrum orange

"Viewed your work online - just wanted to compliment you, both conceptually and in execution you have an enviable talent, these are magnificent works.  Your whimsical blending of abstractions and nature, I found particularly inventive and refreshing - re: Water, abstract paintings.   Also liked those poetic descriptions. --- KC Wilder,  San Francisco

"We are enjoying your painting very much.  We were very pleased to meet you and wish you well with your work.  I'm sure we will meet up again soon.
Regards,  John and Rhonnie White, Sydney

" I wanted to let you know that the paintings were delivered last week on Thursday.  Much quicker delivery than I expected, and what a great job of packing them!!  They're simply wonderful.  Even better than they look in the pictures.  Purple Afternoon 2 looks great in my living room, and the others will look great in various other rooms. 
I want  to thank you for the CD too.  You've got tons of great stuff.  Considering how pleased I am with the selections I've already received, I will definitely be ordering again soon. Thanks so much!!  --- Helen Cahill, Arizona

"Dear Ernie, it was wonderful to see your web page and the variety of your work. I look forward to seeing more soon.  The colours of your paintings inspire me !" --- Tracey Allen, Photographer and Artist, Sydney

"When I was 4 years old, I spent 3 days a week at pre-school finger painting. Not by my own choice, but because a tough little girl called Greta kicked me out of  the doll's corner.  Since then, I have tried and tried on and off all my life to paint convinced I could do it.  Alas, to no avail.
Last month, I picked up an art magazine in a shop and there it was!  The inspiration I've been waiting 33 years for. Ernie Gerzabek.  Seeing the small sample of your artistic talent, feeling the communicative expressions your painting speak, I got connected instantly.  Your  work threw a switch in me I can't explain. 
Ernie, wherever my painting takes me - from here onward - you'll be there with me.  Thank you Greta ... but most of all .. thank you Ernie.  I can only hope I will make you proud of your accidental creation.  Me!     Warmest regards, --- Linda Duggan, Sydney

"Your work is beautiful and imaginative.  I did not realize I was smiling as I went through your paintings." --- Nita Taefi, North Carolina

"We received your painting Snake Road last week and we have been soaking up its warmth here in our beginnings of winter.  It's interesting how this low-key painting can pull you strongly into its rhythms and make you feel you're standing in the desert landscape. 
It reminds me of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico which are such spiritual places where I feel the pull of the earth and rocks.  I wish I had thought of showing you our photos of these areas while you were here.  Especially the Native American pueblos and ruins and some of the parks where the rock formations are so elemental and moving.  It's a place full of spiritual energy that we love and benefit from even when no longer there.  Your paintings express this energy without actually showing the desert scenes.  To me this is the purpose of abstraction - capturing the spiritual energy directly and therefore more clearly and strongly than realism can." --- Ted Knerr, New York

flora inspired nature painting

"You definitely have a good sense of colour and composition.  Your SHIFTS are very Mark Rothko -- only less gritty, and that's a nice quality.  They seem almost like digital images.  I think I'd like to see detail-shots of Opalesque and Written in the Leaves.  They look really good but I wish the images were bigger so I could really drink in the detail.  Its not too common to find real talent on the net.  Keep up the good work." --- Sean Ibanez, San Antonio, Texas USA

"I visited your site- beautiful work!! I really enjoyed the article about you - joyous was indeed the feeling your paintings brought to mind when I saw them. It's great to see artwork that is HAPPY! I think you are absolutely right about kid's art- I love to see what children do- it's almost always beautiful!!
Keep painting like this- the world needs more artists who love art - there
are already plenty who suffer for it!!! :)"  --- Jeannie Pellerin

"I Saw your paintings in Artist's Palette # 16 and was really astounded by  your unique and beautiful work. Also the text was wonderful and refreshing to read, you make me want to try new things with paint. Inspiring!" --- Tom Short Inuvik NWT Canada

"On a cold and dreary winter morning here, it was an absolute delight to drink in these vibrant images.  What a feast!  I am getting the most impressive sense of Australia recently through the eloquence of its artists, and I am in love!  I'll be returning to this site frequently when the spirit and soul are in need of an uplift.  As an artist attempting to move from representational work into the realm of abstraction, it will represent a level of excellence to be sought, and an encouragement to always search for the clarity of an inner voice. Thank you!" --- Karen McConnell, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

"Your work is really impressive Ernie, very serene and uplifting. There is a spirituality to it that I find quite moving. It was also interesting to me to note the differences in our approaches even though we are obviously inspired by the same landscape. Congratulations." --- Jack Meredith Brooke, Artist

"I just wanted to drop a line to thank you (and Mituri Sharma) for the terrific article and demonstration in the latest edition of Artist's Palette.
Your work is thrilling and inspirational and has given me the impetus to keep working and break down some of my narrow approaches to painting! And the demonstration was a terrific blend of instruction and encouragement.
Please let me know if you have a printed catalogue of more of your work or whether I can see more of it on the web. Thank you again for sharing your remarkable talents with us all." --- Jane Hawkes, Toronto

"Very nice site and great pictures. We come back later. Best greetings and good luck from Germany" --- James und Clia Webb

"I have received the paintings and I absolutely adore them.  They look even more amazing than the images on the website.  I have taken them to get framed, and expect to have them hanging on my wall at home by this Friday.  Thank you again for your wonderful paintings.  I just can't wait to get them
back from the framer so I can sit back and enjoy them as they hang in my living room!" --- Tracey McCulloch, London
riverside fishing spot sailing boats australia

"I took a brief look at your work and like in particular your "Homage to Australian indigenous artistry" and no. 114 Improvised Jazz. What strikes me most is the lightness, playfulness...yes, your works make me feel happy...the way Klee's works make me happy. I've seen a few shows of Aboriginal art in N.Y. City and have enjoyed the spontaneity, freshness and deep reverence for life and nature. I see that in your work also." --- Astrid Fitzgerald Artist, New York

"I received the painting today, and it is already hanging in my office to rave reviews from everyone. I am circulating your card and website address to all who inquire. Needless to say, I am thrilled. 'Solitude Bay' looks better 'in person' than on the website. Thank you again." --- Charles Sterbach, Arizona

"I thank you for getting me on to this site. I have used quite a few of your paintings for sending cards, because I find them representative of Australia with a very personal view, a very subjective view that I seem to identify with to a certain extent. The titles are thought provoking and evocative and very subjective. The painting I have selected recently has an evocative title for me, very subjective... 'Lake Adorned', the lake for me being, Lake Balaton in Hungary, my birth place." --- Eva Kadar, Sydney

"Boy, your stuff really jumps out and grabs you with its potent colours. Nice Indigenous influence and clearly a deep connection with the Australian landscape plus an overriding strong compositional vitality. I'm impressed.
 "I am no deep expert on visual art though, so there is no real symmetry with your obvious keen and informed connection with music. But my wife Jewel is an artist and did many of my CD covers - she really liked your work." --- Mark Isaacs, Classical and Jazz Composer and Pianist, Sydney

"Ernest, I have seen your paintings on your new website and admire your growth in versatility. As I mentioned earlier, you have that gift of bringing out substantial solid material one can get one's teeth into, but in your recent paintings I have also noticed your capacity for soft and sensitive tones and themes. Whatever style you use, you retain that remarkable ability to inject living colour into your work. I continue to wish you well in the expression of your gift.  Shalom!" --- Rev Christopher N Ridings, Sydney

"I have found your web site in the links of some gallery, in California, I believe. About your work, I like a lot. What I find very interesting is the fact that you transform the natural images in poetic abstract pictorial texts .. I feel in this process the European cultural roots are working in your unconscious...Ciao" ---  Attilio Taverna, Italy

"I like your improved web pages, they load much faster now. The guestbook is most interesting to read, amazing responses from so many different people. The enlargements with the artist's statement is quite an inspired idea!  Well done Ernie." --- Steve, Sydney   

"I am in awe of the constrained freedom within your work.  You make it look as though it is simple for you, although I certainly suspect that is not the case (I actually hope it is!).  Absolutely beautiful work."  ........  "I received the shipment you sent me. I must tell you that I don't like the paintings --- I love them!  :-  they are every bit as spectacular as they appeared on the website and look wonderful on my walls.  Improvised Jazz is in the entryway, and Seemingly Random in the living room.  I have received wonderful compliments from the friends I have had over thus far, and I plan to do some holiday entertaining, which will expose your work to more of my friends and acquaintances. Again, thank you for sharing your talents with me and the other inhabitants of this orb. --- Mark form Ohio, USA

"I visited your homepage and I am very impressed by your paintings! It seems
to me that you really love nature. Having received Grasslands 3 we like especially the colours and their great harmony. So it is a painting making one peaceful and balanced. --- Martin Gerzabek (no relation), Austria

"I looked up your website and the many paintings you have there in electronic display.  After seeing them I think I have a somewhat better idea of where you are coming from with your work, something you explained a little bit with regard to that one painting at the cafe.  Rich in its colours and varied in its form language, your painting seems to express something which is at the same time both entirely yours and still something I think many people can relate to; something quite universal. 

"When you have your next exhibition, please send me an invitation and I will join the scrum!" ---  Kalevi, Sydney

"Your vibrant colours are what draw my eyes to your fabulous work.  I love the new direction that you are heading in.  Can't wait to catch up with you at your next show. -- Eva Tillott, Sydney

"We are the proud owners of two of your paintings and would purchase many more if we had the wall-space available!  Your artwork is now a part of our home and will give us great pleasure for many years to come. Thank you. --- Nicola and Geoff C, Avalon

"I received your 3 paintings and absolutely thrilled.  Thank you, Thank you!  Your talent will bring joy into my life everyday for many years to come.
I'm so happy I found you on-line ... the internet is truly a wonderful thing :) -- Christi G, Florida

"I really enjoyed talking with you the other day, thank you for sharing your views on art and artmaking.  As I'm just 'starting out' its great to hear from artists who are more established (and prolific!).  It was also good in that it gave me a better understanding of you and your work.
"I checked out your website - beautiful works. - and so many of them!  Also I printed out your 'advice to budding artists' which I'll delve into more deeply as soon as possible.
"I love the way you present your works also (SO organised for an artist!).  I think its easy for an artist to think they are there to just create the art, not realising that the works don't just sell themselves!"  -- Vivianne, Sydney

© Ernie Gerzabek. All Rights Reserved

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