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Landscape and desert paintings

walk pale landscape semi-abstract original painting
Walk the pale landscape
happy cellscape contemporary original acrylic blue abstract painting
Happy cellscape
intrigue contemporary abstract painting acrylic

yellow mellow abstract landscape painting original
Yellow landscape
joyscape abstract landscape contemporary original painting
Joyscape NFS
autumn wind contemporary original abstract art acrylic painting for sale
Autumn wind

my desert garden contemporary original abstract painting
My desert garden

up North landscape painting abstract
Up North Sold
olsen country abstract landscape painting
Olsen country

tangerine Australian art original abstract dot painting framed
country textures abstract original miniature acrylic painting
Country textures
sunrise Australian Aboriginal art inspired dot painting

A great variety of landscape paintings include depictive, semi-abstract and fantasy approaches.

The desert paintings have been inspired by Australia's dry country and the drought effected countryside.  Wilderness areas are also a great inspiration for my contemporary images. 

  My approach is not aiming at realistic reproduction what the eye sees, but I intend to capture the spirit of the place, the feeling of being there, and the memories etched in the mind afterwards.

Water themed paintings

lake and ocean kimberley aerial landscape painting art
Lake + ocean (Kimberley)
after the rains bird's eye view landscape painting
After the rains Sold
ocean inspired abstract wind shifts and sea currents

mystery submarine ocean painting contemporary original abstract sescape
raining colours remembered acrylic abstract blue art painting
Raining colours remembered Sold
waterside spectrum shift seaside painting
Waterside spectrum shift

lake adorned inland desert painting
Lake Adorned
mystery submarine ocean painting contemporary original abstract sescape
wading waterbirds tropical sunset painting semi-abstract
Sunset with wading birds

on wall image water view across the lake with sailing boats contemporary painting
Still waters 3

Outback impressions 3
sailing water view across the lake with boats contemporary painting

These nature inspired paintings include landscapes, seascapes, ocean paintings, desert art.  Some are impressionistic or semi-abstract or non-representational. They are decorative, colourful and playful.


The desert paintings take their inspiration from the inland dry country of Central Australia with the burnt orange soil dominating. The water themed paintings explore the many shades of blues and greens, with contrasting accents.

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