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lake adorned inland desert painting

066  Lake Adorned

91x122 cm, acrylic on board, ready to hang, $1000

This is an original contemporary Australian semi-abstract desert landscape painting,

Inland lake in the middle of the Australian desert.  Filled with water at last, after a seven
year drought.  Dotted with freshly hatched water creatures.  Migrating and native birds
by the thousands greedily exploit the new abundance, they feed, they thrive, they multiply. 

The lake -- before it evaporates and dries up -- is adorned with jewel-like colours. 
Frantic movement above and below the surface, a procession and celebration. 
Then the activity gradually slows down and the billabong reverts to its previous dry lifeless state. 
In the end it is just a memory, but what a memory!

lake adorned inland desert painting on wall

Not to scale

Keywords: lake, painting, landscape, semi-abstract, aboriginal, art, inspired, desert, inland lake, Australian, billabong, native birds