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geometric timber cube variation sculpture recycled timber timber cube sculpture variation sculptor gerzabek

      756  Cube variation #2

75x66x79m, acrylic stained recycled timber on board,  NFS
Second Prize winner Sculpture Section (Class 21) Sydney Royal Art Prize
Artist's collection

This sculpture is made from recycled timber by reusing found wooden materials. 
 The old timber venetian blinds and discarded different bits and pieces are given
a new lease of life by transforming old junk into an artistic creation. 
This environmentally friendly approach results in a green sculpture.

The overall shape of this sculpture is based on one of the five Platonic solids, the hexahedron (cube). 
To rethink the geometric possibilities and to introduce a variation on a cube theme,
two corners of the cube have been truncated, and the cube rotated in space,
stood on its end and finished off with a pyramid shaped spire on top.

Based on the character of these materials, a geometric arrangement was a natural choice - easy,
logical and allowing all elements to fit together like a handmade three dimensional  jigsaw puzzle. 
The different wood grains and original textures have been preserved and further enhanced by the
application of different coloured acrylic paint stains.  The colours are earthy and
in keeping with a naturalistic look, nothing artificial or pretentious, just playful and uplifting.

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