Larger Size Original Paintings for sale

contemporary paintings larger than 100cm in size for modern interiors
decorative, unique, colourful and eye-catching landscapes, seascapes and abstracts
wilderness inspired water, flora and desert themed artworks for art collectors


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Larger size artworks

Large original paintings for sale, contemporary paintings larger than 100cm in size for modern interiors.

Decorative, unique, colourful and eye-catching landscapes, seascapes and abstracts, minimalist, impressionist and expressionist artworks, wilderness inspired water, flora and desert themed pieces for art collectors.

my desert garden
Desert garden
finders keepers artistic original fantasy painting abstract
Finders keepers
submarine creature
Creature feature
lake and ocean inspired abstract image with mangroves
Lake + ocean (Kimberley)

abstract painting air fire water contemporary
Air - fire - water
Artist's collection

ripples painting
Ripples Family collection

semi-abstract seascape
Raining colours remembered
proportions contemporary painter minimalist artwork original abstract painting
Proportions apportioned

blowing wind indigenous art inspired
Blowing in the wind
Artist's collection

proportions geometric acrylic abstract painting
Proportions delineated

my ocean garden abstract seascape painting original submarine artwork
My ocean garden
ocean under water acrylic seascape
Artist's collection

constellation artistic mixed media
Constellation SQ16
dry riverbed
Dry riverbed
Artist's collection
view across the lake with sailing boats
Gone sailing
minimalist abstract color-field australian contemporary painter

view from the satellite
From the satellite
Artist's collection
distant memories image
Distant memories
encoded contemporary abstract acrylic artwork
geometric artwork
Dots forever

red blue abstract pattern painting
Blue versus red
yellow sonata
Yellow sonata Artist's collection
lake adorned
Lake Adorned
astronomical star galaxy clustering
Artist's collection

microcosm gene pool abstract original fine art patterned contemporary painting
Microcosm Sold
contemporary nature inpired view
Patchwork landscape
blue red spectrum colours
Blue spectrum shift
australian desert landscape abstracted
Australian desert song

neon lights parade abstract geometric artwork
Neon parade
abstract colour spectrum painting inspired by the colors of the desert
Desert spectrum shift NFS
abstract colour study in green by contemporary painter Ernie Gerzabek
Desert spectrum shift - green NFS

pink abstracted art movement patterns mauve abstracted art movement patterns blue abstracted art movement patterns
Undercurrents triptych
rainforest australian artist rainforest inspired artwork australia
Rainforest remembered
gum leaves eucalyptus original acrylic flora
Eucalyptus leaves Artist's collection

Featured large abstract painting

passionate affair jackson pollock inspired painting

622  A passionate affair
168x168cm / 66x66in, acrylic / canvas, self-framed SOLD

Ernie Gerzabek 1999-2016


Abstract Landscape Paintings Gallery

Larger size paintings are shown here for art collectors and art lovers.. These contemporary paintings are most suitable for modern interiors, they are decorative,
unique, colourful and eye-catching, including  landscapes, seascapes and abstracts, wilderness inspired water, flora and desert themed artworks. All original paintings,
bas-reliefs and sculptures are affordable and offered for sale.