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Artworks in interior design - the final touch

I believe that a dwelling is not a home until your own artistic touches are added to your place.  The best way to do it is by adding original artworks as part of the interior design scheme.  I enthusiastically subscribe to this.

Many ordinary residences have been turned into visually exciting classy places by hanging contemporary original paintings on the walls and thus transforming the space as if by magic.

My architect background lends credibility to these suggestions.  Having drawn inspiration from the marvellous landscapes of this continent, my job is to create images which pay homage to the  unspoilt wilderness areas, the unique countryside, the wetlands, the deserts and our beautiful beaches.

  I choose not to depict what the eye sees, instead I prefer to interpret the nature of Australia in unique and unpredictable ways.  I try to encapsulate all the essential elements, colours and features of this wonderful country.  I attempt to recreate the mood and the ‘feel’ of the place.  More often than not this process results in abstract and minimalist artworks.  Always distinctive, highly original, exuberant and vibrant. Inspired by the natural world, my paintings are also, playful, optimistic and often spiritually uplifting.  My aim is to enhance your home with affordable original paintings, and lift your spirits after a hard day’s work.

Paintings in private collections - a few examples

abstract painting all or nothing living room


abstract painting take ride rumpus room


abstract painting contemporary living room

photo of seacape painting

photo of wading birds painting

photo of painting

photo of second seacape painting

photo of ocean deep painting

Abstract Landscape Paintings Gallery


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Placing artworks and enhancing interior design is described here.  Advice is given regarding suitability of artworks for architects and interior designers
 for domestic and commercial interiors.  There are many benefits of living with paintings and sculptures. Examples of private art collections.