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contemporary abstract paintings
digital artworks
landscapes, people and animal photographs


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Selected artist friends and samples of their artworks


Ted Knerr
Painter and digital artist - New York USA
TK@art-spirit dot net

Ted Knerr's artist's statement:

"In my art I try to minimize control.  I want to open up the window of intuitive creative energy. Forms and subject matter emerge that astonish me. It may take time to grasp, but some kind of enlightenment shines through in the process.  This enlightenment is the real purpose in being an artist and for the existence of art. Art is not just a matter of aesthetics. It embodies spiritual messages in a code of color and form that our inner being responds to.

Matisse said it best: “When I am submissive and modest, I feel surrounded by someone who makes me do things of which I am not capable.  All art worthy of the name is [spiritual... or] it is nothing more than a document, an anecdote."

abstract digital print

P10, Untitled
23x29cm / 9x11.5in, archival digital print

abstract digital print sync

P 17, In Sync: No 2
34x61cm / 13x24in, archival digital print

abstract painting patterns

Number 11-1996
168 x 132 cm, 66 x 52 in, acrylic on canvas

multicoloured patterns painting

Number 1-1997
203 x 183 cm, 80 x 72 in, acrylic on canvas

  Karl Maenz
Painter and photographer - Geneva, Switzerland
web -
email - art@karl-maenz dot com
Karl Maenz lives in Switzerland.  Painting, photography, wildlife and un-spoilt cultures are among his interests.

About his art, he says: “In my photos I try to show the world about me, mainly portraits of what takes some patience to see:  wild animals, natural people and their habitat, and the little things about us. My paintings' only aim is to express artistically what goes on inside me, the world within me".

abstract painting patterns

Joie de Vivre (diptych)
from the series "Summer 2003" (acrylic on canvas)

abstract homage painting

Hommage à Paul Klee (diptych)
from the series "Summer 2003" (acrylic on canvas)

lioness photo

Serengeti lioness
from the series African safaris (digital photo)

maasaivillage chief photo

Maasai village chief
from the series African safaris (digital photo)

abstract painting patterns bue

Lewa (triptych)
from the series "Wazungu dreams 2004" (acrylic on canvas)

abstract painting red patterns


Featured geometric painting

multi shift acrylic geometric pattern original contemporary painting

507  Multi-shift
36x36in / 91x91cm, acrylic / canvas, self-framed

© Ernie Gerzabek 1999-2016

Work of Artist Friends

Abstract Landscape Paintings Gallery

Artwork of artist friends - contemporary abstract paintings, digital artworks, landscapes, photographs of people and animals. Original contemporary art.