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Tribute by Hungarian Poet

About me and my work


I am a visual artist who paints contemporary landscape and abstract paintings and also sculpt.  I was born in Budapest, Hungary and migrated to Australia in 1958.  I started painting in 1970 while working as a Chartered Architect and in 1997 retired to paint and sculpt full time.

Artistic Influences

I most admire Van Gogh’s intensity and use of colour to stir up emotions, Paul Klee’s sensitivity and insight into our inner beings, Kandinsky’s exuberance and sense of composition, Picasso’s inventiveness and broad range of interests. 

As for Australian artists, I love John Olsen’s playful and imaginative expression, Fred Williams’ ability to abstract the essential elements of a landscape, and last but not least, Emily Kngwarreye’s instinctive mastery of colour, structure and connection to Country.


My main inspiration is Nature, in particular Australia’s unique wilderness areas, wetlands, the unspoilt countryside, deserts and seashores.  My paintings clearly show my love of this country, especially of the Sydney Region.

Interpretation and Expression

My interpretation of natural phenomena is unique, surprising and unpredictable.  My paintings not only encapsulate the essential elements, colours and features of a particular place, but also recreate the ambience and the feel of ‘being there’.

My sculptures are made from recycled materials and often based on simple geometric forms like cubes and pyramids.  In contrast, their complex mosaic-like surfaces comprise multi-coloured pieces arranged in artistic jigsaw patterns.

Typically, my highly original work is exuberant, vibrant, confident and eye-catching.  My artworks are charged with positive energy, are richly textured and overflow with dazzling colour.  Alternatively, some pieces are soft, meditative and introspective.  The  playful, decorative and inspiring images are both optimistic and spiritually uplifting.

Exhibitions, membership and collections

I have had more than 30 solo shows since 1999 – in Sydney, Melbourne and in regional New South Wales galleries.  i have also participated in countless group shows in municipal and commercial galleries and other venues.  I am a member of the National Association for Visual Arts (NAVA) and have had exhibiting memberships in Mosman, Ku-ring-gai, Hornsby and North Shore Art Societies and The Sculptors’ Society.

Apart from Australia, my works can be found in private collections all around the world, including USA, Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong, New Zealand and a number of European countries.


Featured submarine ocean inspired painting

ocean under water acrylic semi-abstract seascape

759  Oceanic
91x122cm / 36x48in, acrylic / canvas, self-framed
 Artist's collection

Famous artists I admire

Vincent Van Gogh
Mark Rothko
Jeans (Hans) Arp
Jackson Pollock
Paul Klee
Paul Cezanne
Pierre Bonnard

Fred Williams
John Olsen
Emily Kngwarreye
Rosalie Gascoigne
Gerhard Richter
Joan Miro
Alexander Calder
Sidney Nolan
Gustav Klimt
Henri Matisse

JMW Turner
Victor Vasarely
Josef Albers
Arthur Boyd
Constantin Brancusi
Helen Frankenthaler
Paul Gougin

Howard Hodgkin
Franz Kline
Oskar Kokoschka
Rene Magritte
Claude Monet
Victor Pasmore
Bridget Riley
Robert Smithson
Nicolas De Stael
Gloria Petyara

© Ernie Gerzabek 1999-2017


Abstract Landscape Paintings Gallery

Read about me and my work as a professional visual artist. This is a short biography, which also touches on my sources of inspiration, artistic influences,
interpretation and expression, famous artists i admire, art society memberships, collections in Australia and overseas.