Abstract Paintings

contemporary abstract, non-representational and minimalist paintings by Australian artist Ernie Gerzabek
inspired by unspoilt landscapes, wilderness areas, impressionist masterpieces and Australian indigenous art
colour spectrum explorations, geometric designs, patterns and creative artist studies


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Abstract and minimalist art

Every visual clue is reduced to its essential elements, nothing superfluous or unnecessary
retained. These modern non-representational pieces are affordable and collectable.
This art is unique, colourful and optimistic in spirit.  Art lovers, don't get puzzled, get dazzled!

enmeshed abstract patterns original contemporary art painting
flagged non-representational pattern painting original contemporary
Flagged Artist's collection
oriental carpet inspired contemporary painting original artwork
Oriental rug
aboriginal art inspired imaginary cosmos abstract contemporary painting

red blue abstract pattern contemporary painting decorative colourful
Blue versus red
spirals geometric spiral dot painting original contemporary artwork
oriental rug inspired contemporary original contemporary green painting
Oriental rug - green
Artist's collection
yellow geometric abstract artwork painting with multi-coloured lines
Yellow spectrum shift

Colour spectra explorations

Original acrylic paintings with inventive colour  spectra - an intuitive analysis of pleasing
and striking colour combinations.  Distinctive, vibrant and unique, contemporary art
 at its best.  Some are geometric with striking parallel lines, others organic and natural.

razzle dazzle geometric linear contemporary abstract painting
Razzle dazzle
desert spectrum shift colour abstract contemporary painting
Desert spectrum shift Artist's collection
earth colours minimalist abstract painting
multi shift acrylic geometric pattern original contemporary painting

Colour spectra paintings lined up


neon lights parade abstract geometric artwork vertical   proportions geometric acrylic abstract painting vertical orientation   earth colours minimalist abstract painting vertical orientation   desert spectrum shift colour abstract contemporary painting  desert spectrum shift colour study in green   blue red spectrum colours vertical format

Featured desert inspired abstract paintings

warm colours spectrum shift desert inspired  cool colours desert ispired spectrum green abstraction

Desert spectrum shift spectra (diptych)
2 @ 122x91cm/48x36in, acrylic on canvas, self-framed
Artist's collection NFS

Artist's statement

This is an artist’s interpretation of the astonishing range of colours seen in the outback deserts of Australia.

Having been amazed by the visually impressive emission and absorption spectra used in various scientific investigations, I deliberately chose a similar format for my painting.  I assembled the dominant and subsidiary colours seen in desert environments in a studied and organised yet completely spontaneous and intuitive way.

It is impossible to reproduce all the features of a desert landscape in a painting: there are too many inanimate objects like rocks and sand, also numerous plants, animals and micro-organisms, dead and alive.  However, it is possible to paint the essential visual elements and create an overview of a desert environment.  To achieve this, in this artwork I found it necessary to simplify, condense and assemble the characteristic colours that evoke the ‘feel’ of the place.


I opted for painting two colour spectra with spectral lines which complement each other: one warm and one cool, and each made up of contrasting and harmonising colours.  The result is a symbiotic diptych, demonstrating a co-existence of opposites.

As a professional contemporary artist, I draw my inspiration not only from unspoilt Mother Nature, but also from images scientists work with, such as photographs of galaxies, celestial objects, refraction patterns, fractals and images seen under a microscope.

I strongly believe in the fruitful interaction and cross-fertilisation of all creative disciplines, including humanities, the arts, pure and applied science. Ethically, the ultimate outcome of this process should be the wellbeing of all peoples, maintaining a sustainable healthy environment, promoting peace on earth and offering spiritual enlightenment to the individual!

Featured painting

hotrods non-representational abstract original painting for sale

747  Hotrods
51x76cm / 20x30in, acrylic on canvas, self-framed

© Ernie Gerzabek 1999-2016

contemporary abstract, non-representational and minimalist paintings

Abstract Landscape Paintings Gallery

Contemporary abstract paintings, non-representational and minimalist paintings by Australian artist Ernie Gerzabek. Artworks inspired by unspoilt landscapes,
wilderness areas, impressionist masterpieces and Australian indigenous art. Paintings include colour spectrum explorations, geometric designs,
pattern and texture studies. You can buy all paintings and sculptures direct from artist studio gallery or online.