Affordable Artworks

landscape, floral, beach, desert and abstract paintings for sale, available direct from artist studio gallery
Australian collectable and enjoyable paintings, also gift ideas under $500
bargain acrylic painted works on canvas or archival quality paper, framed or unframed artworks


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Entry point pieces

Small wonders and little gems at most affordable prices. Landscapes, abstract
artworks, original images, art prints and archival giclees.  They can be obtained
direct from the studio of Sydney artist Ernie Gerzabek, where we are selling all sorts of
colourful and decorative pieces. They are excellent gifts for loved ones.

mandala meditation Tibetan sand painting inspired abstract artwork
Mandala meditation

mosaic abstract patterns contemporary original painting

joyscape abstract landscape contemporary original painting

mystery submarine ocean painting contemporary original abstract sescape

sunrise Australian Aboriginal art inspired dot painting
waves pattern yellow orange artwork abstract painting
curves pattern orange yellow artwork abstract painting
Curves Sold
fuzzy logic abstract painting acrylic on archival paper
Fuzzy logic

outsquared geometric design abstract painting original artwork
olsen country abstract landscape painting
Olsen country NFS

microchip acrylic mixed media abstract contemporary painting

submarine deep ocean seascape painting
Ocean deep

wanderlust Australian Aboriginal art inspired painting
Wanderlust Family collection
contemporary abstract autumn painting
Autumn Family collection
crossover non-representational original contemporary painting

swimmers abstract underwater seascape painting
Swimmers 2 Sold

flowers small miniature floral painting artwork
Flowers Sold
just for fun painting Matisse inspired abstract landscape
Just for fun 1  Family collection
just for fun contemporary abstract colourful painting Matisse inspired
Just for fun 2  Family collection
squares acrylic painting mixed media
Squares small

Works on paper

These archival quality acrylic paintings are painted on acid free paper; they are
easy to transport and make ideal as gifts. These artworks are original abstracts and
landscape paintings.  They are priced to beat ordinary reproduction prints, which are
liable to fade over time. Great variety of colour, patterns, textures and detail.

endorphin abstract action painting acrylic on paper

aquarium under water scene seascape painting
Aquarium Sold

undulations acrylic yellow painting acrylic on paper
Sold to Brooklyn, NY

in the dark blue original abstract painting
In the dark

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Featured affordable paintings

oriental rug inspired contemporary original contemporary green painting

061  Oriental rug
24x36in / 61x91cm, acrylic on fabric covered board, framed

mystery submarine ocean painting contemporary original abstract sescape

611  Mysterioso
61x61cm / 24x24in, acrylic / canvas, self-framed

curves pattern orange yellow abstract painting

769  Curves
30x30cm / 12x12in, acrylic on board, self-framed

Ernie Gerzabek 1999-2016

Affordable Art

Abstract Landscape Paintings Gallery

Affordable artworks for sale: landscape, floral, beach, desert and abstract paintings.  These collectable and enjoyable paintings are available direct from artist studio
 gallery.  You can find many gift ideas under $500, such as bargain priced acrylic painted works on canvas or on archival quality paper, framed or unframed artworks.
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