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recent contemporary landscapes and abstract paintings and various mixed media artworks
latest paintings and sculptures for sale  available direct from the artist studio gallery or online
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Most recent artworks

These original paintings are indicative of my explorations: modern, minimalist, original,
unique and highly decorative paintings. The great variety of colours used
and the different styles employed are absolutely staggering. All pieces are original,
and affordable, most suitable for any art collection.

star clusters astronomical galaxy original contemporary abstract painting
Clusters NFS
sunshine abstract desert landscape painting original art
hotrods non-representational abstract original painting for sale
Artist's collection
happy cellscape contemporary original acrylic blue abstract painting
Happy cellscape

walk pale landscape semi-abstract original painting
Walk the pale landscape
autumn wind contemporary original abstract art acrylic painting for sale
Autumn wind
Jazzed up original abstract contemporary painting
Jazzed up Sold
dots forever contemporary geometric painting black white grey
Dots forever

starry sky night lights riverside painting
Starry starry night Artist's collection
abstract dot painting homage to aboriginal artist
Homage to Dorothy N
magenta energized coloured decorative abstract painting
Magenta energized
country textures abstract original miniature acrylic painting
Country textures

Inspired by Nature

The inspiration is Nature, especially unspoilt wilderness areas - original landscape and
seascape paintings with impressionist and expressionist gestures and approaches.
Achieving the aim of capturing the mood of 'being there', they can be considered successful.
They reject artificial photo-realism, instead they celebrate adventurous invention.

Broadband colourful original abstract painting masterpiece
scribbly scrub acrylic expressionist action painting
Scribbly scrub
intrigue contemporary abstract painting acrylic
after the rains bird's eye view landscape painting
After the rains

birdland wading waterbirds riverside tropical sunset painting semi-abstract
Birdland Sold
stormy sky over olgas landscape painting australia
Stormy sky Family collection
wolf tracks snow and blue sky usa winter landscape
Wolf tracks
Family collection
abstract painting air fire water contemporary original artwork for sale Sydney
Air - fire - water Artist's collection

Abstract art and music - what is the common language?

I would like to discuss the different ways people respond to abstract art and music.  Whilst these two different art forms have many significant similarities, many people tend to approach them entirely differently.  Why is the attitude so different when they encounter examples in each of these mediums?  Consider the possibilities.

Abstract art -- ‘what does it mean?’ I hear

It's not surprising that many people, who are not conversant with the language of contemporary art, become very puzzled when looking at an abstract artwork.  Their confusion is usually triggered by being confronted with an unfamiliar visual experience.  Normally when people come across a painting or sculpture, they are looking for visual references they are familiar with.  Such references may include landscape features, the human body or ordinary objects they see every day.

So when looking at an abstract artwork and their familiar visual references do not come into play, they tend to become confused and bewildered.  They are inclined to ask 'what does this mean?' rather than come to the simple conclusion of 'I like it' or 'I do not like it'.

Why is abstract art and music perceived differently?

It is interesting to note that the very same people would not be confused the same way if they just heard a new musical piece.  Instead of asking 'what does this mean?' they would certainly come to the simple conclusion 'I like it' or 'I do not like it'.

When hearing a new musical piece, people are not making comparisons with the natural sounds they hear in their daily lives, such as sounds heard in a forest, on the beach, in urban settings and so on.  They respond to the mood, the melody and the rhythm of the music instinctively. They either like or dislike the musical piece without resorting to reasoning and analysis or looking for a meaning.  Their reaction is instinctive, intuitive and quite often emotional.  May even play on their heartstrings.
This indicates to me that many people appraise abstract art and music entirely differently.

Music is intuitively assessed and accepted or rejected, as the case may be.  In contrast, visual art is scrutinised with analytical reasoning, and the viewers are usually looking for a logical explanation.  For some inexplicable reason the intuitive approach gets switched off by most people when it comes to contemporary art, especially the non-representational kind.


Music is intuitively assessed and accepted or rejected, as the case may be, however, visual art is scrutinised with analytical reasoning, looking for a logical explanation.  For some inexplicable reason the intuitive approach gets switched off by many viewers when it comes to appreciating contemporary art, especially the non-representational kind.

The parallels between abstract art and music

In this discussion I deliberately have chosen music for comparison.  Even though abstract art and music are treated quite differently, I believe there are very strong parallels between these art forms.  Creators of abstract art and composers of music apply the same principles in their compositions and they rely on the same basic elements.  Their common language is colour, tone, texture, mood, rhythm, harmony, contrast, balance, tension, counterpoint, integrity and so on.

The dynamics of the creative process in both these art forms are directly comparable and the parallels are strikingly similar.  Yet evaluation and 'understanding' of music and abstract art is altogether different.

Why is it so?

I do not know the reason for this curious divergence and the general lack of understanding of abstract art.  As a contemporary artist, I wonder why this is the case and only have a few guesses.
I suspect the main reason may be the lack of education in this area.  There may be insufficient coverage in schools of any visual arts related subjects.  Another reason may be the lack of exposure to such works of art during the formative years in a young person’s life.  Are any psychological factors involved?  Is the undue emphasis on sports the culprit?  Is the decline in general knowledge across the board the explanation?  Please let me know if you know the answer.
In the meanwhile, lets enjoy the enjoyable, including the best of abstract art, without analysing too much, without explaining too much or even thinking too much of the extremely high selling prices some abstract artworks reach in the current art market.

Featured landscape painting

lake and ocean kimberley aerial landscape painting art

383  Lake + Ocean (Kimberley)
36x48in / 91x122cm, acrylic on canvas, self-framed

© Ernie Gerzabek 1999-2016

recent contemporary landscapes and abstract paintings

Abstract Landscape Paintings Gallery

New contemporary landscapes and recent abstract paintings for sale, mixed media art, wall sculptures and three-dimensional sculptures available
 direct from the artist studio gallery.  Latest Australian paintings and sculptures of local Sydney artist. Art studio gallery open 7 days a week by appointment.
Ernie Gerzabek is a professional contemporary Australian painter and sculptor.