My Favourite Paintings and Sculptures

contemporary original landscape and abstract paintings available for sale from my studio art gallery
impressionist, expressionist, minimalist and abstract artworks, seascapes, flowers and geometric designs
recycled timber bas-reliefs and three dimensional sculptures and also Australian aboriginal art inspired pictures


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My favourite artworks

Paintings and sculptures, modern landscapes, abstracts, impressionist and floral art.
Bas-reliefs, wall sculptures
, acrylics, mixed media and recycled materials on canvas.
Examples of my broad range of interests and approaches, and more importantly, paintings that
have "clicked'' by the creative process.

waterside spectrum shift seaside painting
Waterside spectrum shift

Artist's collection

ocean under water acrylic semi-abstract seascape painting

Artist's collection

desert spectrum shift colour study in green
Desert spectrum shift - green
Artist's collection

ocean inspired abstract wind shifts and sea currents
Artist's collection

still waters river painting impressionist original art
Still waters Sold
lake and ocean kimberley aerial landscape painting art
Lake + ocean (Kimberley)
neon lights parade abstract contemporary painting geometric artwork
Neon parade
raining colours remembered acrylic abstract blue art painting
Raining colours remembered

ultramarine blue painting original abstract image
geometric timber cube variation sculpture recycled timber
Cube variations 2 Artist's collection
contemporary sculpture geometric timber pyramid recysled timbers artwork
Magic pyramid
Artist's collection
hold the mustard abstract painting inspired by New York hotdogs
Hold the mustard

In private collections

Examples of paintings sold to corporate or private collectors - some are in Australia,
NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and some in overseas countries,
such as the USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Hong Kong and Hungary.
The purchasers considered these fine art pieces not only affordable but also most collectable.

spring fever floral night view cityscape from aeroplane zigzag warm colours abstract painting abstract desert inspired piece

zigzag cool colours abstract painting beach essentials contemporary abstract ocean painting riverside semi-abstract Tibetan mandala sand painting inspired abstract artwork

beach essentials semi-abstracted seascape red desert hills in the summer sun landscape flora  inspiration pattern happy childlike abstract contemporary painting

making tracks abstract painting Australian indigenous art inspired spring magic flora inspired organic abstract painting blues beat original abstract art geometric painting spin yarn small miniature abstract painting

morning song floral acrylic painting jackson pollock inspired abstract picture contemporary mixed media painting flora inspired golden harvest

riverside landscape painting fishing spot sailing boats original red desert view red desert spectrum colours original art painting geometric waterfall water inspired abstract painting

Featured favourite painting

birdland wading waterbirds riverside tropical sunset painting semi-abstract

806  Birdland
61x76cm / 24x30in, acrylic on canvas, self-framed
Sold to Western Australia

Happiness and painting - my approach to art practice

Sidestepping the philosophical questions of what is happiness, and how to pursue it, as an artist I can only deal confidently with the issues of what makes me happy.

Messing about with paint and probing all aspects of the creative process makes me happy.  Exploring this planet’s stunning landscapes and discovering the wonders of nature makes me very happy.

With my background as an architect, I tend to ‘cut to the chase’ and try to capture the essential elements of a visual experience, hence my leaning towards minimalism and abstraction.

I consider abstraction as the means of selecting and isolating the essential elements of a location, a landscape and such, for example the dominant colours, the mood and the feel of the place.


Eliminating all unnecessary details and extracting the most significant features of a scene is the main task for me.

To illustrate: I bypass depicting the vineyard, the sun above, the vines, the bunches of grapes and the wine, I am searching instead for the final product, the concentrated spirit, the potent cognac, which is the ultimate manifestation of all the essential elements that contributed to the final product. My use of invigorating colour and complex patterns reflects my desire to create works that inspire optimism, reflect the vitality of the wilderness and provide a meaningful experience for the viewer.  I like bright cheerful colours that illustrate the thrill of being alive. While selling contemporary paintings has its benefits for any artist, for me the real achievement (and the source of happiness) comes from the satisfaction people experience when my paintings speak to them.

© Ernie Gerzabek 1999-2016

My Favourite Paintings and Sculptures

Abstract Landscape Paintings Gallery

These are my favourite paintings and sculptures: contemporary original landscape and abstract paintings available for sale from my artist studio gallery.
 These fine art pieces include impressionist, expressionist, minimalist and abstract paintings, seascapes, flowers, geometric designs and Australian aboriginal art
inspired pictures. I have recycled timber bas-reliefs wall sculptures and three dimensional free-standing pieces for sale. You can buy these contemporary
original paintings by local Sydney artist from the Northern Beaches studio or online.